Absolutely Nothing

from by Radical McKickflip



About the Slice-of-Life genre


Woke up in the morning
And I met up with my friends
And we walked casually to school
It was the start of another normal day
Took our seats in class
I glanced over to them but got scolded
I realized that I forgot my homework so I panicked
And I pleaded "Let me copy!" but they completely refused
So I got scolded twice that day, and let me tell you it wasn't fun
But at lunch time we had bread it was delicious on the rooftop
And I made a silly comment, I got smacked upside the head
And we made up a bunch of gags that all the others didn't get
And all they said was "What the heck?" it was hilarious as heck
Then there was physical ed. it was so warm out so we swam
We wore our school swimsuits and we made fun of each other's bodies
Our one friend claimed that they were sick, they definitely weren't sick
And after school we called them out on it but they denied it all
In the middle of a family restaraunt we made a ruckus
In the park we sat around and talked about various things
Then I went home and then I showered, I got changed, and went to bed
It wasn't special, but I went over that whole day in my head
Because we all had fun even if we did absolutely nothing in the end
We're living life one slice at a time, living life one slice at a time
Every day is fun even if we do absolutely nothing in the end
Absolutely nothing happens


from Even More Demos, released August 5, 2015




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