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Punky indie rock about the summer and manga.

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[ meyu · LP-007 ]


released February 17, 2015

Guitar - Ben
Drums - Walker
Bass, Guitar & Recording - Cameron
Trumpet - Gabby / Mafdet




mecha yuri Toronto, Ontario

bedroom net label

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Track Name: Short Haired Girls
I hate everything and I think life is lame.
Short haired girls drive me insane.
I'm fueled by blood, coffee, and weed.
Lets get fucked up. You're all I need.

Why does life suck? Why don't I give a fuck?
When we're not making out and I'm not inside of you,
I'm an apathetic mess and I want life to be through.
Track Name: Fading Away
My life sucks but I can't die.
There's too many people who love me and I've gotta stay alive.
I've got a new bike but I'm too short to ride it.
I drank outside; you shouldn't look.
I love you but you live to far away.
Summer sucked, then was cool, now everyone's fading away.
Track Name: Intro To Old Testament
I wanna lay in bed and not listen to the Grateful Dead.
I want everyone to be glad that I'm dead.
Don't wanna get up, just wanna drink some beer.
Never wanna trim my beard.

Why would I want to leave the house?
I just wanna smoke and read and sit on the couch.
Don't wanna learn about philosophy or what the fuck you're thinking of me.
Track Name: Summer Bummer
Let me tell you what I think about summer school.
Listen to me complain about having no food.
I will never get that fucking beer or those curly fries.
Why the fuck is it so fucking hot outside?

The coolest thing that's happened in days is constructions workers listening to Green Day.

I'm tired of seeing birds with broken legs.
I wanna take the cat with one eye home and treat it right.
My A/C is never getting fixed.
The only thing I love is taking my trash out at night.
Track Name: Garou
Heroes, tell my why did king Ghidorah have to die?
Why did I get picked on in school? Was it Kamen Rider or was it me?
Did I watch too much TV or was it me?

Everyone sit tight while the monsters break free.
I killed the old man, guess I'm not as useless as students thought I'd be. Fucking fight me heroes. Why did you stop?
Can't throw fucking buildings at me if your god damn head gets ripped off.

This foe was different: he tore my face off. Don't see me walking away. Too bad his fucking house is gone.
Track Name: Joe
I wonder if that hole in the screen's still there,
that I use to sneak out of at night to stare,
at the stars and the moon from my treetop view.
Wondering if you were wondering,

"where are you?"
Hospice blues.
Your last views.
Family in the pews.

As I'm cutting through my skin into blue,
purple to red, I wish that you weren't dead.
I've seen this coming for years; I don't know how you felt okay.

Killing you.
Psychotic blues.
What is true?
Trust a few.
Track Name: French Indo-China/Pathfinder
Enlightenment is a frontal lobotomy.
Until you're gone, I don't want anyone to give it to me.
My friends don't call me anymore.
I miss sleeping underneath you on the floor.
The cut on my leg looks like flowers from your old house.
Morning beers and smokey nights.
I want to press my face against yours,
but I don't live here anymore.
Love is just like my ambitions:
indecisive and unambitious.
I just hope you never forget,
that there's nothing I ever really wanted to be.
The only thing I'll ever miss,
is rain in my ice cream.
Track Name: Harakiri
I wanna kiss in public and cut open my guts.
Harakiri is the answer when everything I do is butts.
I want to scream in public and cut open my guts.
Harakiri is the answer when everything I do sucks.

I wanna drink a beer,
with seven hundred Xanax tabs,
and dip my blunt and smoke some dabs and die.
Track Name: Lone Wolf & Cub
One hundred thirty one heads. The shogun wants me dead.
Too bad katanas and naginatas can't break down my doors.

Got a son I love.
He's covered in blood.

There's no lone wolf without his cub.

Every night before I sleep, I dream about where my wife went.
I've executed so many but could only save an infant.
Choose the sword and join me. Choose the ball and join your mother.
You don't understand what my words mean.

But your small hand grabbed the blade.
Lone wolf and cub bound together.

Sword for hire. Son for hire.
Track Name: Tour Mimosa
Tour mimosa.
Breakfast at Andy's.
Andres and EmergenC.
I love Tennessee.

Sneezed in my Gatorade. I don't know what to say.
Track Name: Untitled
I knew I always loved you, even from the start.
You've always held a special place deep inside my heart.
I know we never really talk, but this was never real.
I really just want to let you know that this is how I feel.

You're my shining, godless star.
You remind me of how meaningless all our lives are.
I know whats waiting for me.
It's the dirt and the worms waiting to devour me.

It made my heart melt when you said our souls aren't real.
It made me feel better about sitting in church when my grandfather died.
I know I'm not dumb for believing god isn't real but,
thank you for helping me reaffirm how I feel.

You talk about huffing glue,
and all the things it makes you do.
It just makes me wanna take you on a date,
and think of all the cool art that you and I could make.
Track Name: Taneda
Taneda, why'd you have to go and die on me?
You left me here so selfishly.

I have your guitar.
I joined your band, I still dream about holding hands.
Now I'm all alone. Moved out of our home.
You never played that love song for me.
Track Name: Senketsu
Hurdling down into the clouds. Gonna crash into good vibes,
and people that I love right about now.
In the space between the sun and the school,
right before the show ends. I lost my best friend. I killed my best friend.

Hello sis, goodbye mom. You killed yourself and dad,
and now your both gone.
But my uniform is still in one piece,
and you're on fire and dad's on fire and fire's fucking hot.

Get some fucking water.

My uniforms been with me this whole time.
I let him use my blood and that kept us both alive.
I guess it doesn't matter now. From outer space my body's been thrown.
I guess sailor suits are meant to be outgrown.

Why are sailor suits meant to be outgrown?