Summer's End

by Mock Off

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chrisgendo beautiful music, great vocalists, i really love this one Favorite track: Solitude (feat. Ivy Hollivana).
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After many months of delay, the album of the year is here.

I would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Without all these lovely vocalists this dream would have never came to fruition. Big shoutout to Thom too for helping organize a lot of this. You are all wonderful.

You can find information on each guest vocalist by clicking on each track's title.

When the summer ends, 
depression comes.

Album artwork by bkesch :

[ meyu · LP-009 ]


released March 17, 2015




mecha yuri Toronto, Ontario

bedroom net label

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Track Name: Somewhere Here (feat. Pickle131)
あなたに会いたい でも毎回逃げる
もう一回 いっしょに笑いたい
いい物か 悪い物か

Anata no me o mitasu toki ni kinchou suru
Anata ni aitai demo maikai nigeru
Sonna toki kara
Ichiban no taisetsu omoide wa issho ni waratta
Mou ikkai issho ni waraitai
Watashi no koto nani to omou
Ii mono ka? warui mono ka?
Anata ga suki dattara
Aani to iu?
Track Name: Dwindling (feat. Crownley)
Nothing astral in clouded eyes
Rays in Gemini and sky
Through the passion dwindling in light
We might
We might

Clover page and tarot remind
How the sparks decay in time
In the dwindling hours of the night
We're blind
We're blind

From our hands we fall asleep
Nothing has to go
Love that dwindles into the deep
Never be alone
Track Name: Death Marching (feat. Minsummae)
Cute boy bad rapper, 귀여운 소년 나쁜 래퍼
Screaming give love, I'm believing in exact truth
Is that true? I'll @ you, come back through
One hundred member chorus singing please take off your flat shoes

Fuckin' fabulous panic, talentless tragic kid's catalyst
To exist, reminisce, to know the bliss in ignorance
I insist this is the shit that I've been working with
Paranoia first kiss, features become listless

Empty bank account, resume I deal without
Some days I'd kill myself without a singular doubt
Occupy space, why / heart I've misplaced, mine
No longer worth the pain but I'll give it another try

Sure I prayed a lot, asking 'please help, please help'
The answer brought a calm, singing 'what close god'
A lottery thought, giving me health, me health
A swallow and they're gone, bring me closer to god

Well god knows I'm trying, I've got nothing left
This light is so blinding, I need a little rest
Just four hours, all ours, before I head west
Give me a year and I swear you'll be impressed

I dreamt of you twice, and that was alright
I looked in your eyes while you let out a sigh
My mind doesn't lie, it's up every night
I know you're behind, but we'll run out of time

Because death marches on, in the day or the night
We've done something wrong, there's no making it right
If I see you again, we will be lovers of light
Message failing to send, guess we're living on line
Track Name: Niche This (feat. Miles Farewell)
Free from myself
Reach out to hell
Or was it heaven?
Couldn't remember if I tried

Trees rot away
Peace when all is slain
Life must reach an end point and now have I?

What comes next?
What comes next?
What comes next?
Track Name: Pretty Flowers (feat. i know who you are and you are nothing)
Why give a fuck
The plastic coating bubbles up
It's eating through my gut
It's making me sick

Rot atop the throne
Computer needs leave me alone
It sweats from everything
I let it into

High fantasy
It has a place in me
It's rotting through my teeth
and it tastes like

Why give a fuck
The evil seeds sprout from the dust
And pretty flowers bleed
The pretty flowers
Track Name: Solitude (feat. Ivy Hollivana)
Not knowing where to go seems so desperate
But let them choose between the two and see how they feel
A car crash, of a man,
Dictated how you lived

You sweet girl,
Child of the world
Can't you hold on to yourself?

Night solved,
To your world,
I hold you tonight

Lead me down to the path
Lead me to the raft
Which takes me out to sea
My solitude is bleeding me

Oh, I can't see anymore
I can't see anymore

Oh love,
Together we'll figure it out
For now,
Just calm me down
Track Name: Well, Yes (feat. Radical McKickflip)
Making faces,
Making me laugh in the middle of class

The classroom
Making me jump outta my skin

My dignity
Losing every time, I'm losing my mind

One day
I'm gonna get you back
But not today

Tricked me
For the very last time
Wait and see

Don't think
I'm thinking way too hard
How embarrassing

Don't peek
I'm blushing way too hard
But she's just toying with me

What else could it be?
What else could it mean?
Track Name: To End It (Damn) [feat. oyasumi.]
Don't care too much about your grades
Don't care if she forgets your name
Don't care too much about the way you look

Don't care too much about your health
Don't care if you can't get a job
Don't care enough to tell the ones you love