About a date


You said to meet up on a non-school day
You said it was not a date but
You're dressed up like we're on a date
But it's not a date
What do I say

You wore a beautiful dress that doesn't suit you
Or at least it shouldn't suit you
This is the first time I've ever seen you
Not in your uniform
Outside of school

You wore a pair of high-heels that looked new
Like you bought them a day or two ago
Like you bought them just for today
You looked like you were
In a lot of pain

We walked around and did what we had to
After that, we found a few things to do
We had fun, we forgot about time
Just us hanging out
Day turned into night

You suddenly had to sit for a while
I asked why, you said you were fine
I could tell by your face that you weren't fine
I looked down
And I realized

You rubbed your feet, you noticed there was blood
We freaked out, that couldn't be good
You admitted the shoes were a pain
Even though you wore them
The whole dang day

I took a cloth and wrapped it around
I couldn't help it was the first thing I found
You should've told me what you were going through
You were an idiot
But I couldn't leave you

I crouched down and offered you a ride
You got upset, you said you'd rather die
You were a girl and I was a guy
I wouldn't let you deny
A piggy-back ride

Your new shoes
Are killing you
I've no choice but to
Carry you


from Even More Demos, released August 5, 2015




mecha yuri Toronto, Ontario

bedroom net label

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