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I'm not gonna sit here with no friends for my entire high school career
You look like the kind of girl that's easy to talk to, and kinda cute
Looks like yours, you gotta flaunt
I could bring it out for you, but you're too

Engrossed in the grossest hobbies
I know that you can do much better than that
But if I'm gonna be your friend then
I gotta get gross if I wanna get close to you

Up all night watching your dumb cartoons I only watch because you do
I only built a computer to play that game you're always on about
I came all the way to this weird store just so I could walk here with you

We're getting nowhere when you keep your glasses on
And you geek out over children's shows
And magical girls I admittidly know
But I swear I only know 'em 'cause I wanted to know you more
I swear, I was bored

Girls like us gotta stick together
With me, you won't be a nerd forever
Girls like us gotta stick together
With you, I won't be alone forever

But I totally had friends before this
They just go to a different school
I swear before this whole mess happened
I was so popular and cool

I don't know what's going on
I think something here went wrong
I'm trying to change her for good
Make her look more beautiful
But was she always that way
I always saw her that way
Am I the one that has changed
What did I just do today
3 a.m., watch anime
I played that video game
I wondered what you would say
I thought about you all day
How good you'd look in good clothes
How good you'd look without clothes
Oh God what did I just say
Oh God I think that I've changed
Why did I get all these gay
Comics with you that one day
Surrounded by sweaty nerds
You're still just as much of a nerd
Am I becoming a nerd
What am I doing for her
What am I doing for her
What am I doing for her


from Even More Demos, released August 5, 2015




mecha yuri Toronto, Ontario

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