When you wake
I'll be gone
I'll be dead
Laid to waste

When you wake
Sing my song
Sing it well
But not in haste

When you wake
You'll wanna sleep
Sleep harder
Then before

When you wake
Not death
You'll fear more

When you wake
You'll wake
To the absence of light

When you wake
Because depression
Holds tight

When you wake
Give up
Better days are a lie

When you wake
Hang your head in defeat
And sigh

A child plays alone in the field after dark
Minding only himself yet fate has come
To rip fragile breaths right out of his clutch, he'll die gruesomely Longing for his mother's touch
We will all be discarded so don't you look sad we're inconsequential Parts of the past
Can you look at me and say you're prepared
To cease to exist and become what's no longer there?


from What Can Be, released December 1, 2014




mecha yuri Toronto, Ontario

bedroom net label

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