Board Game Night

by He's Dead, Jim

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♕☿sʏɴᴛʜɪᴀCND9's ✪♥♫ must have? ...must have. sliding back and forth between slick, sweet grooves and raw chaotic messes, he's dead Jim invites you to indulge in your own mess just like they indulge in classic emo rock form. a cathartic experience throughout. Favorite track: Mono.
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Recorded in various basements and bedrooms, Board Game Night is our first "official" release. A lot went into it, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do. With this download comes a sick short story by our friend Kirk about the artwork he did for us.

On a side note, check out his tumblr here, the stuff he makes is pretty awesome:

Thank you to everyone who supported us while we recorded this, and to everyone who listens to this!

Note: This was all done by us at home, so the mixing isn't going to be the best, you should probably listen to it with headphones!

[ meyu · LP-002 ]


released July 1, 2014




mecha yuri Toronto, Ontario

bedroom net label

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Track Name: Board Game Night
Words thrown at me lose their meaning
And I am just what you've made me out to be

And we were part of something beautiful
But now I'm just forgettable
Tired of these people

And it was all just for you
I feel like it's just no use
Track Name: Mono
Honestly I feel
Like I'm about to break
With these miles between us
For so long

Come and settle down I've found my place in line
Come and settle down I know exactly what is right

Thin white line harder to define
A real hope to help you sleep at night
Track Name: Chef Chun
I'm holding on to anything wishing it was you
Can't say what I want words stick like glue
Thinking 'bout things it's too good to be true
Or maybe I'm just scared to say I'm falling for

I trace my steps back to where we met it's all a blur
Trying everything not to think about that four letter word
I can't forget I can't forget
I can't forget a thing

Better halves of different people
In my life start to fade
Was it worth it all for this
Track Name: William Butler Yeats
I have alarms I've been ignoring for the past year of my life
I've been more devoted to losing track of time
It's easier to run away than it is to confront your problems
This distance seems easier if it's your life I'm not involved in

I thought I couldn't live without you
But I'm still alive I think
I've lost it, I'm exhausted, can't seem to solve things and I
I guess I let you wear me down

What if this is it
What if it's the best it gets without you
I've been running out of things to waste my time on
What if this is it
Because I don't think I can forget
Anything and everything
I haven't been looking for someone else
Track Name: Bury
Behind the smile
Don't walk away
See you again
I'll stay

Moving further from the things that I regret
Things just haven't been the same since you left
I'll dig a hole for me to lie in if you
Won't bury me, won't bury me

Do you even care
The words you say
Effects on people
And what you do to me